The Birth of Port Citrus: From TSLs to barges – Citrus County Chronicle

CRYSTAL RIVER — The idea seemed like something shot out of a cannon — a proposal so lofty that it left some in the audience stunned by its breadth.

“This was really a knock-your-socks-off presentation,” Theodora Rusnak, president of the Citrus County Council, said at the time. [Read more…]

Port Citrus still confusing to many – Citrus County Chronicle

“CRYSTAL RIVER — John Siefert wishes he never heard of a trans-sea lifter.

Siefert, executive director of the Citrus County Economic Development Council, thinks Port Citrus is a great idea with huge potential.

But the port has been a hard sell with the public because the county [Read more…]

Port Citrus had three sisters – Citrus County Chronicle

“It may seem new but it’s not.

The year was 1965, and work had begun to connect the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of the state to the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast via a barge canal. [Read more…]

Challenge lingers 40 years later – Citrus County Chronicle

“Citrus County was a different place when the first port feasibility study was issued in 1969.

For one thing, the population was only 17,000. But if the first study brought forth a plan that had been followed, what would Citrus County look like today? [Read more…]

Barges work for Putnam County – Citrus County Chronicle

“The St. Johns River, the longest river in Florida at 310 miles, never got connected to the Gulf of Mexico.

Had the Cross Florida Barge Canal project been completed rather than abandoned in 1971, St. Johns River traffic possibly would be floating out through Inglis today. [Read more…]

Old Asset, New Advantage –

“The Cross-Florida Barge Canal once brought the promise of a new economy and long-term prosperity to North Central Florida, until that dream was scuttled by the realization that the environmental cost was incalculable. [Read more…]

Port Back on Comp Plan – Citrus County Chronicle

“Keeping the port project on course, commissioners on Tuesday agreed to add another chapter to the county’s comprehensive plan. [Read more…]

Is Port Citrus Effort a Repeat of History? – Citrus County Chronicle

THE ISSUE: Old Port Citrus report discovered.
OUR OPINION: Is history repeating itself? [Read more…]

Citrus County Commission to Hear Port Element – Citrus County Chronicle

“Three public hearings will be conducted Tuesday at the regular meeting of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). [Read more…]

Port Citrus not New Idea – Citrus County Chronicle

“Imagine what you expect to find inside an abandoned 1954 Spartan trailer: vintage furniture, out-of-fashion clothing and a 1969 Port Citrus feasibility study. [Read more…]