The effort behind Port Citrus is to establish a public port within Citrus County to grow the economic vitality and quality of life in our area. The Port Authority’s mission is to bring well-paying jobs and promote economic development for our County and statewide.

The timing for this endeavor is ideal. Three years from now, the expansion of the Panama Canal will be complete. Global maritime commerce will change dramatically and Florida will be a major beneficiary. Citrus County desires to become a beneficiary as well.

The concept behind Port Citrus is to take full advantage of a valuable asset: The Cross Florida Barge Canal. The area reflects many existing and under-utilized public works projects, and development of Port Citrus will allow us to turn those unique physical assets into sustainable economic opportunities and jobs. Since there is a direct connection to the Gulf of Mexico, the potential for port development is high. Many jobs in Citrus County relied on the building industry and those are greatly reduced in this economy. Diversification of our economy is essential to our community.


SB 1168 exp sheet – Jan 17 2011

Panama Canal Extension

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Port Citrus Feasibility Determination

Task Area One: Preliminary Feasibility Determination